One Mind Dharma

  What Is Good karma And What Are The Ways To Get It?

It is important to be good not only for the sake of other people but also for ourselves. In order to attain peace, individuals should seek security with their own environment, connections with significant people, as well as their own minds. We are bound to experience greater joys when we live on a right path. When goodness and positivity are given out, it is impossible to receive nothing in return.

Bring In The Goodness

Be good to others
Being good to others can already generate the good How we treat other can reflect ourselves one way or another and that is why this should also be done. It doesn’t always have to mean extravagantly being generous to other people. Just by making sense and standing for what is right will do it.
Do good deeds

Good deeds do not have to be mandatory. They can be involuntary as well—one’s own decision to be good. Doing good deeds doesn’t have to be publicized as well. One can be good without other people watching. The most important thing here is the thought and the purity of the action.

Be good to yourself

This is what people shouldn’t forget too. They should be good to themselves and not forget thinking for their own betterment as well. For instance, people can eat healthy food, exercise, thinking positively with oneself, and accepting their own flaws. These are the ways to be good to yourself.
Don’t expect too much

Just by expecting too much can already spoil the essence of reaping the benefits. The key to having a good life is by being good without expecting anyone to be good. Of course, as humans, we notice when we are getting mistreated or when things around us are going unfairly. However, when they are manageable, in some cases it is better to let it go. Don’t expect too much and let life flow.